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©️ Sir, when will school start?

          After the government order to give leave to the students, the children stopped coming to the school. A few days later, the teachers also received orders from ‘Work from Home’. I had just come to the village. But time was not running out at home. Experiencing the effects of an invisible virus for the first time.The growing impact of the corona virus has spread around the world. Thousands of lives are lost. Recognizing social distance, all companies, offices and traffic in Maharashtra were shut down and the fight against corona started. Along with the administration, doctors, nurses, police, officers, teachers, Anganwadi Tai, Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad are all day and night to fight this virus.

         Seeing all the temples of knowledge closed in Maharashtra, many questions arose in my mind. Are the children locked in the study? Will the children forget school? Will you forget the knowledge you have acquired? Are you scared to leave the house? Will the children come to school after school starts? One or more such questions have arisen. Everyone should keep in mind that this holiday is not given by the government but for their own benefit, the government has ordered them to stay safe at home to face the Corona crisis.
         Ten or twelve days must have passed. How can schools that are passionate about school and determined to learn stay calm? The children's phones rang. Sir, when will school start? I'm tired of sitting at home. When will you teach us computer information? When will Lezim teach us? How do we study? When will our exams take place? I was amazed at their innocent questions. Because Corona had no idea when this terrible crisis would end and when school would begin.
          But the idea came to mind that if these children are given regular study, their boredom will go away. They will also study. A useful project called 'Study from Home' was suggested in the lockdown. The nature of this action was to create a WhatsApp group or broadcast group for the parents of the students and send it to each class every morning through the study class or by sending a personal message. It was not possible for us to perform tests for all classes. But all my technology savvy teachers in Maharashtra solved this problem.

          The Government of Maharashtra's Diksha app is being used in all schools in Maharashtra. Elements of all classes are available in video format. The content in this app is created by the teachers and all the educational materials have been made available to all the schools, teachers, parents, students. SCERT has started the initiative 'School is closed..but there is education'. The Department of Primary Education, Zilla Parishad Sangli is also implementing an innovative experiment called 'Online Self-Assessment Test' for students. Also thousands of teachers themselves are creating educational videos on each component, creating tutorials and competitive online tests, creating PDFs, developing many educational apps. If all this academic knowledge is always imparted to the students, the learning process will continue even in lockdown.
         According to the plan, students started sending studies every morning. Asked to practice according to their schedule without being forced. We both (Pravin Dakare and brother Jaydeep Dakare) decided to do ten to fifteen regular online tests for class I to V. In line with that we started posting regular updates on our website We continued to share tests created by various WhatsApp groups. Our students as well as students from other schools in Maharashtra started using them. The blog received four lakh visits in a month. Because every day thousands of students were solving online tests on the blog. The 'Study from Home' initiative was a real success. This is because the responses of students who have passed the test are being reported to us using Google Forms. Sadly, parents of students who do not have a smartphone have to stay away from this activity. But such students were called to a nearby house to study and they too joined the process.
           The lockdown makes it difficult to identify what the current mindset of students will be. Because the school is still not open and I have no idea when it will start. The real test for kids right now is to fight against the corona. The endeavor is that the process of education should continue uninterrupted. For this, our government, our Zilla Parishad is making efforts at all levels through 'Learning from Home'.

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Pravin Dattatray Dakare
Primary teacher
Z.P. School Kundalwadi Tal. Walwa, Dist. Sangli

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